Blocker Tie Ring 2 With Mag-Loc
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Blocker Tie Ring 2 With Mag-Loc
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Blocker Tie Ring 2 With Mag-Loc
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The blocker Knotless Tie Ring is a support system, not a restraint system, and was designed with safety of you and your horse in mind. It's a quicker, simpler, safer way to tie a horse(any horse). One of the most important features of this Tie Ring is that you can regulate the degree or amount of hold by the size and type of lead rope you use.


  • A magnet and bottom stays to keep the tongue of the tie ring in place. Allows for an even greater range of uses, including upside down on hitch rails!
  • A smaller, lighter and more compact size - perfect where space is tight, like in the trailer.
  • A special quick snap with a tapered back that allows you to easily clip the tie ring to existing tie hooks and move it quickly as needed from place to place.
  • Comes complete with quick snap, shackle, eye bolt and complete instructions on use. Chrome plated.
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The world's safest way to tie a horse just got even better. The 
Blocker Tie Ring 2 with Mag-Loc.
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