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CleanTrax is a deep penetrating hoof cleanser proven effective in eliminating even the toughest infections, in most case with just a single application.

CleanTrax contains a proprietary hypochlorous compound which is non-necrotizing and has no adverse effects on normal, healthy cells. The key to CleanTrax's effectiveness lies in a unique stabilizing process, making it extremely surface active and allowing it to penetrate quickly and deeply to the root of the infection. CleanTrax's cleansing action purges bacteria, fungi, and spores from the deepest hoof layers and crevices and also removes dead, powdery, soft remnants of tissue destroyed by fungal activity. As the cleanser penetrates, a vapor is released, instantly eliminating the bacteria, fungi and spores, actually ridding the horse of the hoof infection.

How to Use CleanTrax

* Remove the shoes and, if appropriate, prepare the hoof for shoeing; rinse away excess dirt and debris.

* Pour the entire contents of one bottle (20 g) of CleanTrax into one gallon of cool or lukewarm water.

* Put all of the solution in a CleanTrax Hoof Boot, a reinforced plastic bag, or a tall medicating boot.

* Insert the hoof into the CleanTrax solution and soak for 30 minutes; if the infection is severe or recurring, increase soak time to 45-60 minutes.

NOTE: CleanTrax solution is effective for a total of 90 minutes, so 1-3 hooves can be soaked consecutively by moving the solution to another hoof.

* After soaking, DO NOT RINSE OR DRY THE HOOF; cover the hoof with an empty plastic bag, seal the top, and allow vapors to penetrate for 30-60 minutes.

* After use, the solution can be spread on the stall floor to eliminate bacteria, fungi, and spores which could reinfect the hoof.

* Monitor hoof development for one shoeing interval (4-8 weeks) and, if necessary, repeat the treatment.

* CleanTrax can be used as a preventative by soaking each hoof for 20 minutes (1 bottle per horse) every 3-4 months.


Special Considerations

* CleanTrax is available in single-use 20 g bottles.

* Do not open the bottle until you are ready to use it.

* Store the bottle in a refrigerator or a cool, dry place. Do not leave it in the sun or expose to heat.

* CleanTrax is completely safe when used as directed.

* The CleanTrax Hoof Boot is made of heavy duty vinyl and is reusable.

* The powder and solution are for external use only. Keep away from small children and pets. The solution will damage colored fabrics.



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Deep penetrating hoof cleanser.
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