Hoof Marvel Hoof Re-Moisturizer 32 oz
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Hoof Marvel Hoof Re-Moisturizer 32 oz
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Hoof Marvel Hoof Re-Moisturizer 32 oz
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• A natural source of moisture from beneficial plant extracts that penetrates the hoof via the natural conduits existing in the "grain" of the hoof through capillary action much like a wick.

• The ease of application eliminates the horse owner's procrastination, unlike the messy creams, salves and tars. A fine spray is best so as not to waste the product.

• Assuming no "unnatural" sealers are present, such as shellacs, petroleum based preparations, tar, wax or hoof polish, Hoof Marvel will give the hoof a welcome "drink of water" that will allow the farrier to trim with ease within minutes after application (about as long as it takes him/her to set up).

• It does not interfere with the periople (the horse's natural protectant/moisturizer secreted from the coronary band).

• Regular applications (4 to 6 times a week are usually all that are necessary) help keep the hoof moisture at a level similar to that of a horse on green pasture. The hoof remains healthy and flexible, but not wet and pulpy like they get when standing in mud during the rainy season.

• In our experience, when used as directed, the hoof will not absorb more moisture from Hoof Marvel than what is natural to the hoof in a green pasture.

• It is made from beneficial, non-toxic plant extracts and contains nothing that will harm the horse or horseman. The ingredients are defined as "Not Harmful" by the Federal Code of Regulations Title 29 also known as "29 CFR 1910.1200"

• In practical use, most hooves respond in a matter of a few minutes to one "wetting". In very dry weather immediately following extremely wet conditions, the hoof may require two or three "wettings" within a 10 minute period before it becomes easy to work.
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Highly recommend !!
I recently started using this product on the recommendation of my farrier. I've used similar products over the years but, I must say, this is definitely the best hoof moisturizer I've used. The ease of use and quick results have made me a believer. I highly recommend!!
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Hoof Marvel is a proven, all-natural hoof re-moisturizer, 
Marvel works incredibly fast to restore moisture to dry 
Safe for both horse and rider, it comes in a convenient and 
to-use spray applicator bottle.
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