Horse Gaits, Balance & Movement
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Horse Gaits, Balance & Movement
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Horse Gaits, Balance & Movement
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Horses are born to move--a foal can walk, trot and gallop within hours of birth. But not all horses move equally well, and the way a horse moves can have a real impact on how you ride. In this unique book, Susan Harris presents more than 300 eye-opening drawings that show you exactly how horses move. She illustrates movements common to all horses, pinpoints movement problems, reveals how a human in the saddle affects a horse's movement and helps you become a better, more accomplished rider. * Get a close-up look at horse gaits and transitions * Observe the differences between good and poor movement * Find out how balance and conformation affect movement * View flexion, bending and lateral movements * See the impact of shoeing and riding on movement * Discover practical tips to improve your horse's movement
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 Over 300 Illustrations. Paperback.
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