Hypona Hoofbalsam 16 oz
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Hypona Hoofbalsam 16 oz
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Hypona Hoofbalsam 16 oz
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Hypona Hoof Balsam®…The product that started it all. Throughout Europe it is asked for by name (some simply call it Hypona), or by the colour of its label ( “the hoof oil in the blue can”)… All of our customers using Hoof Balsam®, ask for it because they want the best for their horses and their horse’s hooves. Hoof Balsam’s® formula has remained unchanged since its inception over 16 years ago, when it was developed to be the finest hoof ointment available anywhere.

Recognized worldwide by farriers and horse-owners alike, as the hoof ointment suited for the best care of the horses foot.
Hoof Balsam® is an all natural product, extremely high in essential and beneficial nutrients, proteins and vitamins that positively effects the horse’s hoof.

Among the products benefits to your horse:

  • controls moisture in the hoof and keeps it flexible without harming the Keratin fibers of the hoof
  • stays liquid in sub zero temperatures
  • contains all natural ingredients
  • Hoof Balsam® is antiseptic - excellent in the prevention of thrush and in the healing of minor wounds
  • keeps the hoof sanitary and free from Bacteria and Fungi
  • By gently stimulating the coronet band increases blood-flow and therefore accelerates hoof growth
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