Thrush Crush 2 oz
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Thrush Crush 2 oz
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Thrush Crush 2 oz
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Thrush Crush is a 100% Natural topical treatment which safely and effectively fights thrush, seedy toe, white line disease and other forms of hoof rot. The effectiveness of Thrush Crush is due to the active ingredient, Propolis, a substance created by honeybees that is well documented for its wide spectrum of healing applications. Our product has been tested on horses for over a decade with truly impressive results. Thrush Crush has strong anti-microbial properties, effective in fighting various forms of bacterial and fungal infestations. When combined with routine hoof cleaning, topically applying Thrush Crush directly on affected areas is ideal for promoting healthy hoof conditions.
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Treats and prevents Thrush, Seedy Toe & White Line Disease.
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