Sugardine Thrush Treatment 4oz
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Sugardine Thrush Treatment 4oz
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Sugardine Thrush Treatment 4oz
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Thrush is a common issue that all horse owners will experience at least once in the lifetime of owning a horse. A nasty, aggressive combination of fungus and bacteria that attacks the soft underside of the hoof, primarily the frog and surrounding heels, bulbs, and cervices. Sugardine Thrush Treatment now offers an easy way to apply a proven solution to your horse’s thrush. This liquid formula is easy to apply, non-caustic, and will not burn or otherwise damage your horse’s already sensitive hoof, In addition to resolving the thrush isse, you can expect application of Sugardine Thrush Treatment to tougher your horse’s hooves, soles, and heels for overall improved hoof health. DIRECTIONS: Make sure hoof is clean and dry. Clean affected area as much as possible. Apply B GoneSugardine Thrush Treatment to the affected area everyother day for a week until issue resolves. Apply 1-2 times per week for prevention. INGREDIENTS: water, granulated sugar, glycerine, providene iodine, lodine, potassium iodide
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